Friday, May 29, 2009

If you need me

You can find me at KCL under the same name. I post log in only, and until I can justify spending the money for pro, that's how it will be.

I did fairly well of staying out of the drama back when JS was around, so I feel I'll do just as well now that drama has appeared to opo up on KCL.

It amazes me that the people who claim to hate drama the most are those who are always immersed in it.

I used to be like that, then I grew up, and POOF! Drama gone! I'm not even 26 and I've learned this.

Maybe I truly am an old soul.

I have turned comments off for this entry, and this will probably be my last entry on blogger. I'll keep the account, and the page open, and read and comment on other journals on here that I follow but I don't plan on doing any actual updating.

Carry on. There is nothing more to see here.

S-E, out.