Thursday, February 12, 2009

An entry to reply to the comments in the previous post

this started out as a comment, but I decided to let it be a post instead.

Thank you all for your comments.

I have no intention of speaking to either of them again, at least never socially.

They do have some items of mine, that I would like to get back. They've had them for awhile, and we always spoke of returning them to me, but one thing lead to another, and I never got them back. I was supposed to get them back the last time I saw them, but well, you know how that turned out.

My plan will be to contact them, via email, because I have no interest what so ever to speak to either of them, and arrange for them to bring my things to the house when I am not home. My mother will probably be home, and well, I'll let her deal with them. I know she has a bunch of things she wants to say and is much better at controlling her emotions than I am. (hence why I chose to speak to her over messenger and not on the phone or in person)

Is this a low blow? Maybe. I'm sure it could he handled in a more mature manner, but right now, I feel I have control of the situation, and well, I want my things back, and I feel that someone needs to tell her the true details of the night, whether she listens or not.

Everyone who I have spoken to about these events agree with me, and with all of you, in that she has a very serious problem, and is in denial over it. I am past the point of even wanting to help her. Her life is her own, I have my own shit to deal with.


  1. I didn't comment in the last entry because I was too shocked I guess. But I agree with the comments you did receive. The gal needs help... and you need to get on with your own life without people like her. Good luck! {hugs}

  2. How about copying and pasting the entry you made right after it happened, and mailing it to her? What a lowlife. I'm sorry if you've lost a good friend because of this, but if she was a good friend, she would have accepted responsibility for what she did to you, and would've apologized profusely by now. I still say she's a psychobitch. HUGS!

  3. Dorrie- Thank you.

    Xanadu- I thought about linking her to that entry when I spoke with her, but I thought against it. She would have questioned it and broken it down and turned it around, and I just didn't feel like giving her the chance to do any of that.

  4. It's not your job to straighten her out. Just spray your space (and your stuff, when you get it back) with some Psycho-B-Gon and move on. You have better things to do!

  5. Psycho-B-Gon! I need some of that to bring to work.

  6. We'll all chip in for a 50-gallon barrel of industrial-strength Psycho-B-Gon for ya.
    If there's any left, maybe we could dunk a few people in it and watch them dissolve into nothing... I've got some exes I'm willing to donate!