Friday, February 06, 2009

I feel


And, roughly, 18,000 other distinct feelings bordering on the negative.


You know, Life, the Universe, and Everything.

I hope I haven't burned my bridges, and if I did, then I pray that I can mend them.
Especially the ones I haven't even crossed yet.

You know, cause, sometimes I use a flame thrower.

No clue if that made any sense to anyone else, but the image of me throwing flames at a bridge off in the future was slightly amusing to myself.

I need to use a sick day.

From myself.

Unfortunately, I can't find the paperwork needed to file for that type of claim.


  1. Don't know what's bugging you right now, but remember you have bridges you haven't seen -- or burned -- yet!

    Hang in, Clairesey!

  2. yea, but what if I used my flame thrower and managed to burn a bridge clear across the universe? then when I get to that bridge, eons of years from now... It will all be for naught cause one day I got too stoned and went a little wild, and poof no more bridge.

    stupid flame thrower.

  3. Talk to me baby!

    If you can't find the paperwork you just make your own paperwork sister!

  4. You know - there's something "fitting" about how every time I click on your page, it says "There is no data," and then you write this entry. Ponder...

    Wish I could help out... how bout a night out back behind the house with a nice bonfire, making s'mores and talking and just hangin' out NOT talking, some MILDLY tipsy beverages (not too harsh), and nothing to do for an entire weekend... eh? Oh, and some bacon. GOTS ta have the bacon.

  5. yea, I think I'll be making up the forms as I go along. Maybe this weekend? Hmm.

    Yes, Tuesday, we def. should talk.

    And Sammi, we should totally talk too. Or not. Im not the great with the whole camp fire scene. Is it still cool to sing songs around campfires? Cause, dude, I am totally singing old girl scout songs...

    Oh, and this is the week of the Florida State Fair... where they debuted.... chocolate COVERED bacon!!!!!

    (okay, chocolate covered bacon doesnt really sound good to me... but still!)

  6. be careful that you don't burn the bridge that you may need yourself!! once it's burned, there may be no turning back....

  7. Please, PLEASE tell me you're a Douglas Adams fan. I've read all his books. He's wonderful!!! I've had chocolate covered bacon. Although I LOVE bacon, that stuff was just nasty. Like fatty, greasy chocolate. ICK! lol. Hugs.

  8. If you are going to mess with bacon, it has to be fried into a ring, battered and deep fried.

    Then you dip it in a bowl of maple syrup.

  9. Dorrie- I think if I have burned any bridges thus far, the damage is still repairable. I hope.

    Sadly, I dont much care for construction work.

    Grin, and bare though. That I can do.

    Xanadu- I've read all five of the hitchhikers trilogy. I used to own all five, also, but somehow have managed to lose the first book... grrr. so I just own 2-5.

    Doug- I like my bacon... as bacon. fried in a cast iron pan, nothing fancy. mmm...