Tuesday, February 10, 2009

he didn't tell her.

sorry it's not so eloquent, I wish it were more so.

I spoke with psycho bitch on aim, last night.

here is an exerpt.

(psycho bitch is the new name for the one who gave me hell on new years)

first, I asked if she was around. After a few minutes, I assumed she wasn't, and closed the chat window. this is where the conversation starts:

[23:57] psychobitch: yeah
[23:58] Clairesey1: Just so you know, I don't hate you
[23:58] psychobitch: right on
[23:58] Clairesey1: However the trust that was there, is loooong gone.
[23:58] psychobitch: emofest go!
[23:58] Clairesey1: yea, I don't really want to go there, but if thats where this goes, then, oh well
[23:59] Clairesey1: What did Matt tell you happened, I'm curious. I only know my end, i'd like his perspective
[23:59] psychobitch: he told me the cops came and that i went crazy
[23:59] psychobitch: broke a tv or something
[00:00] Clairesey1: what else did he tell you?
[00:00] Clairesey1: or what else do you know?
[00:00] psychobitch: that you probably wouldnt be my friend anymore
[00:00] Clairesey1: did he tell you why?
[00:00] psychobitch: not really
[00:00] Clairesey1: Ah
[00:01] Clairesey1: so he left out that you pulled my hair so hard I was screaming for him to get you off of me, and that you BIT ME, TWICE?
[00:01] Clairesey1: you bit me so hard that the cops asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I didn't. I also waived my right to press charges.
[00:01] psychobitch: guess not, but he told me he puked all over himself in front of the cops lmao
[00:02] Clairesey1: oh, did he tell you that you pulled a knife on me? from the knife block?
[00:02] Clairesey1: thats when I freaked out and started screaming at the top of my lungs.
[00:02] psychobitch: so what is my response supposed to be here
[00:02] Clairesey1: this was after you plled my hair, and he got you off me, bit me twice, and threw your vacuum at the wall.
[00:02] Clairesey1: I don't know, I just wanted you to know
[00:03] Clairesey1: I'm no longer angry, I just wanted you to know
[00:03] psychobitch: sorry if its true, i dont remember anything and i highly doubt i would randomly get violent for no reason at all
[00:03] psychobitch: but hey man drunk people make no sense amirite
[00:03] Clairesey1: I still have one of the marks. I should have taken pictures, but I didnt.
[00:04] Clairesey1: anyways, I just wanted you to know I didn't hate you.
[00:04] psychobitch: awesome, didn't need that kind of shit festering
[00:04] Clairesey1: The person who attacked me wasn't you. You were long gone at that point.

The conversation went on, for a few minutes longer, but it mostly tapered off. In the end, I told her I was gonna go and to take care. She wished me the same. That was it.

There is so much left unsaid, that I don't plan to say.

How much you want to bet she was drinking?



  1. I love it when people blame their poor behaviour on being drunk. What do you know about alcohol being a truth serum?
    What a jerk. What am I supposed to say? I would be MORTIFIED if someone told me I did all those things. I could never stop apologizing, and I'd seek help immediately.

  2. Ditto what Mirna said. She really IS a psychobitch. She didn't seem too concerned about what she did to you. It was like...whatever. You know? At least take responsibility for your actions, and don't blame the effin' alcohol. She should be kissing your feet and apologizing until NEXT New Year's Eve. Holy crap!

    I'll probably get your "Six People" gifts in the mail next week. I'm trying to do one a week. lol. Hugs.

  3. what a bitch she didnt even properly apologise she needs a kick in the head

  4. How infuriating! I wouldn't be able to look at her again...

  5. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Her responses are just about as shocking/unbelievable as her original actions.
    She wouldn't get any more chances in my life... and you all know I'm the Queen of 2nd and 3rd and 346th chances. That's one chapter that just plain needs to be closed, and not read again.
    You really do learn a lot about people sometimes, huh...

  6. Maybe you don't need to hate someone who will never deserve to hear from you again, and that goes for Matt as well.

  7. I'm an addict, so I think I can share some perspective on this. She sounds like she's in some real denial. Unfortunately you're not going to get what you need from her at this moment. She sounds like she's still way too sick. Drinking gives her no excuse for her behavior. She still has to accept responsibility for it. You did the right thing on your end. You expressed your feelings. That's all that you can do. Try to separate yourself from this situation and heal yourself.