Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a bit of fluff

I keep catching this song on the radio, so I thought I'd share.


lyrics below video.

Non-Dairy Creamer by Third Eye Blind

They call it KFC, cause it’s not really chicken
Hot cheetos for breakfast make a young student sicken
Did you ever think someone’s tricking you?

And the guy in the pulpit is a bigot and a liar
Some kid walks into my school and opens fire
Heard any good jokes lately cause we sure do need em
My punk band’s call operation Iraqi freedom

What’s it going to be, are you real to me
Or are you non-dairy

And new love is burning up in me
Cause one in four American girls has an STD
You can buy yourself some implants
But you can’t buy a soul,
What’s threat level orange
With your chest puffed out, what are you so afraid about
What are you so afraid about
What are you so afraid of
What are you so afraid of

And two gay guys got married
And brought the family to its knees
How did they blow us to smithereens
Just a couple of queens
How did they do it, I’m telling you now
All marriage came to an end
And I found myself some culprits
It’s two young gay republicans
Young gay republicans

“Some of them we murder, some we let go…”

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  1. Never heard this song before, but I like it. Good tune, good message. Hugs