Thursday, March 05, 2009

whats going on in my world

this is gonna be quick, I'm waiting on Mom to finish getting ready so we can go to lunch and run some errands before I go to work at 3.

Pur planned time for leaving was 1pm and it is now 1:22, so by the time we leave, there will prolly only be time for lunch.

Chinese buffet here I come! well, when I get there, that is.

Okay, My last day of work is March 22nd.
I am planning a little backyard shindig to take place around 7pmish that night.
so far, I only have one person who seems interested...

seriously, anyone who knows where my parents backyard is, YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME!

I am leaving March 25th on a one way ticket to go hangout in Washington state for awhile and try to find work and blahblahblah.

details. don't have time.

Mom and I FINALLY made some progress on our mock up sewing project of a craft apron I want to make.

Whenever I do crafts of any type, I always wear an old shop apron of my dads, but it doesn't quite fit right. too narrow in some spots, too wide in other spots and a good 8 inches plain too long all around. I have to use a saftypin to keep the neck strap at a reasonable length.

I decided I wanted to make an apron and that it should be simple enough to do, since I have a sewing machine (that has only been used to sew scraps) and mom used to make shop aprons for her first husband (my sisters dad).

We went to a fabric shop and looked around at fabrics, and decided that since we were there and since they were only a dollar each we might as well looks at patterns since buying and using an already made pattern is a lot easier than making a pattern from scratch which was the original plan...

do you know how many patterns there are for aprons?!?!

seriously, HUNDREDS...

and the more I looked, the less I liked the basic apron style...

so after about an HOUR of pouring over patterns at the fabric shop, I decided on the one I wanted.

I picked it more for function over fashion.

Its an over the head style that ties on the sides. It reminds me of my old daisy (first level of girlscouts, before brownies) uniform.

since mom hasnt sewn in YEARS and well, I don't know nearly as much as I thought I did, we just got some inexpensive, lightweight, not ideal for a craft apron, BRIGHT GREEN (thats the color i wanted) broadcloth, to make a mockup, for practice purposes. once the mockup is finished (man its gonna be UGLY... BRIGHT green with dark purple bias tape... eww) we will find a fabric we agree on for the final product and then I will have my fully functional but not fashionable (but still totally awesome) craft apron! YAY!

oh... I'm also dabbling in woodburning and one of these days I'll get the stain on the wood...

oh, and I need dads suitcases so I can PACK...

and moms ready for lunch, so bye!


  1. Have an awesome lunch! (I love Chinese buffet)

  2. Chinese is my favorite-est food. You didn't strike me as the artsy-craftsy type of person. That is in no way meant as an insult! What a neat surprise. I learn new things about people every single day. Awesome! Enjoy lunch. See you at the party. lol. Seriously, I wish I could attend. (Hey...that's my excuse to go to Florida!) Hugs.

  3. My grandma wore a smock everyday at home. Ya know the more clothes I ruin the better I think I like the smock idea. Also I think the whole over your head thing is a good idea because then your back is covered too. I also lean up against something dirty or with wet paint so I think you made the right choice lol

  4. OH DEAR!! Bright green and purple are Barney colors! Heeheheee! I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too... (just wanted to get that stuck in your head)
    I wish I could get to your parents' backyard for that shindig.

  5. you will show us a picture of it, won't you??

    I used to sew ALL my clothes. Then I found out buying was easier (and often fit better). I really need to sit down and sew again. It is an excellent craft to learn!

    Oddly, Wizardress just made an entry about sewing, too!

  6. Bright green and purple is one of my favoritist colour combinations. You can make me anything with those two colours whenever you want to.