Monday, March 16, 2009

An entry because its been over a week

Fuck it. That's the mood I'm in right this moment. I've been busy trying to get shit done and I'm getting little to no help from anyone who could actually help me. Sure, I'm getting tons of encouragement (which means a LOT more than anyone could possibly realize) but I'm getting no actual involvement from anyone.

My last day at work is this coming Sunday. I work Today, tomorrow, Wednesday and Sunday.
If I didn't want/expect a cake so bad I'd have fucked off ages ago. I hate that place more than anyone could realize.

I'm STILL trying to get a letter of REFERENCE from my store manager. not a letter of recommendation, I just want him to say that yes, I've been with the company for as long as I claim to have been (three years, Jan. 26) so, I've moved on from that. Fuck his letter, I've moved on to collecting personal references of my own. So far, I'm up to FIVE and I still have a few more I'd like to get. All I'm requesting is that I have permission to use the person as a personal reference and they write down their name (so I spell it correctly) and the best phone number to be reached at. One person even wrote me a letter! Yay! She's a front end supervisor and works in the office.

I was scheduled for a dental appointment/cleaning tomorrow, I even had work schedule me late in the day so I could make the appointment. I scheduled the appointment for what I thought was to get a cavity fixed. I figure since I'm leaving state, I might as well get some dental stuff taken care of since I'm still paying that damn care credit bill (due to the economy i was unable to get it paid off before the interest kicked in...) Well, a little while ago, I realized that I hadn't gotten a confirmation call from the office. I call them myself, to make sure that 1) I have an appointment tomorrow, and 2) to figure out exactly what I'm expecting to have done.

Good thing I did. the lady that answered haughtily told me that they had in fact called and confirmed my appointment but no one had answered and since I didn't have voicemail there was no way to leave a message. This made no sense. I have voicemail, and keep my phone on me at all times. I asked which number they called, and apparently they called my parents land line... which I have asked REPEATEDLY that they NOT USE! Grrr. Turns out, also that my appointment was for x-rays... so they could TELL me I had a cavity. I was annoyed, I cancelled the appointment.

I also cancelled my little backyard shindig that I have been trying to plan for the past couple weeks. It just wasn't coming together and I wasn't getting any support from the other people in this house, who though they claimed that the shindig would be fun and was totally do-able, they all decided that if I wanted it done I'd have to do everything myself, and well, our patio hasn't been used since last summer and had become over grown... so I spent my entire day off yesterday weeding the patio and trying to clean it and make it look decent... my legs and back are so sore today. The only people who were showing actual interest in coming were all people from work, who I see at work. All the others I have been trying to contact about the shindig... all I got was people from OUT OF STATE saying they would LOVE to come but sadly couldn't. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE STILL IN TOWN?!

Fuckers wonder why I'm leaving.

Okay, my mood is actually WORSE now, which sucks, cause the past few days I've been in a great mood.

I'm ending this now. I don't know when I'll update again.


  1. Sorry things are going so shitty for you right now. That would put me in a foul mood, too. I hope the people are more pleasant when you move to your new state. It seems like people everywhere are more grumpy these days, what with the economic situation the way it is. If I lived closer, I'd for sure find some small way to help you out. Hope tomorrow is better. Hugs.

  2. I have often asked if people were interested in this or that... "oh, yes, that'll be fun"... sure, as long as they don't have to do anything, and in the end, they don't attend, either!

    Such office personel belonged fired... there are enough COMPETENT people out there looking for jobs!

    Take care, hon.

  3. Every time I go past a Victoria's Secret, I think of the little tidbit you told me about where I could get their bras in a size that actually fits. Big-hootered women UNITE!!!

    I hope you know that it wouldn't be like that if you lived here. I'd be throwing YOU the shindig of all shindigs. Shindigalicious, yo...

    I hope you start to feel better soon. Sucks to be in a sucky mood like that - but who can blame you, when all this crap is going down all around you. Maybe you should sing the "every single curse word that I know" song (youtube)...

  4. People truly suck. I don't know why so many people can make frivolous promises or treat people they've known for a long time so casually. I can promise that it won't be a party every day while you're here but we will damn well make plans and KEEP them and if you do decide to stay for a time I know I can get you a job or at least do everything I can to help you get one.
    Pfffbt to those people - you make better friends by being a good friend and if you have been a good friend it will all come back in good karma.