Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 didn't start so fine...

Okay, so my new years was way more wild than I anticipated and a LOT less fun.

Loooong story short:

Right after the ball fell, I made plans to meet up with and stay the night with two good friends of mine, who are married. I was IN THEIR WEDDING, back in Feb of 07.

They live about 20 blocks away, and when they called it was very plain that neither of them was in any condition to drive. Because my original, and back up plans for the night fell through I was game to do... SOMETHING. I didn't care, I just wanted to go have fun. Anyways, because they were not in shape to drive, we agreed to start walking towards each other, that way, I wouldn't be the only walking and I wouldn't be by myself for too long.

I quickly packed an overnight bag, grabbed my brand new, obnoxiously pink, mini mag (its a flashlight for those not in the know) and after explaining my plans to my mother and brother, both of who weren't fond of me walking, but neither wanted to drive me, I headed out.

The walk was fairly uneventful. We met up about half way, and as we approached their apartment we saw their neighbors outside enjoying a fire in the pit in the front yard. We hollered back and forth to each other "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" And went inside and had a shot or two of goldschlager. (i don't really recall how many shots)

At one point, I had a shot of Hot damn, schnapps, and then another shot of after shock.

The neighbors saw us moving around the apartment, so they hollered at us to come join them. It was a Mexican family, most of whom lived in the house next door, but a couple lived in the apartment below my friends. They brought out some chairs for us, and we introduced ourselves all around. It was a fun, cheerful time. They were out of milk and were sad cause they wanted more white russians. My friends had milk, so me and the wife ran upstairs to go retrieve it. When we came back down, two of the ladies happily took the milk and declared it the perfect amount for five drinks. (one for each of them, plus me, and my married friends) They went inside and made the drinks and brought them to us in plastic tumblers.

It was becoming very clear that my female friend was VERY VERY VERY drunk. She was on her 7th loop about how she wanted to learn MEXICAN Spanish. I quickly calculated how drunk I was, and realized that she had had as much to drink as I did, plus who knows how much more.

It was decided that we should go back to the apartment after she fell out of her chair and her husband couldn't get her up. One of the men there helped me stand her up, and as soon as I took the first step, she fell back down. Her husband could do nothing but laugh at the situation. The neighbor scooped her up in a fireman's carry, and brought her up the stairs.

By this time, she had started to freak out, and managed to bite his arm, THROUGH his leather jacket. He showed me the teeth marks while he was telling me that I needed to TRY (his words) to keep her inside. I told him to wash his hand and put ice on it. He wished me a good night, and I switched the deadlock on the door.

My friends had gone into their bedroom, and he collapsed on the floor next to the bed, and she on top of him. He was yelling that she was hurting him and to call the cops. I knew they were both just very drunk and that he wasn't actually hurt. After a decent work out, I was able to drag her up on the bed.

By now she was moaning and sobbing and incoherently yelling. I lay down ext to her, and was trying to sooth her and calm her down. My hope was that she would pass out, and then I would go crash on the couch until about 11, when I'd wake up and they'd take me to work. (that was the original plan) this did not happen.

I was trying to calm her down, the way you would a child whose been throwing a fit and has collapsed into hysterics. (anyone with a toddler knows what I mean) however, this was someone my own age and even though shes 6 inches shorter than me, she's still got all the strength and force of a healthy 25 year old.

While I was attempting to calm her, she swung her arm and WHACK! she clocked my on my left cheek. I was stunned momentarily, I had never been hit with such force before. I saw her swinging at me again (we were laying down) and I moved to constrain her arms. I was able to block any other hits, but I had forgotten that she had already bit the neighbor from down stairs.

She bit me, threw my sweater, on my left hand between my thumb and pointer finger. I was MAD. I yelled at her "NO Ma'am! You will NOT bite me!" Just like I used to when I taught toddlers. (actually, I yelled it MUCH louder) She bit me again. This time, on my right arm, above the wrist.

She was still crying, sobbing, screaming, yelling. I was trying to make just as much noise as she was. I was mad, shocked and in pain.

Then she grabbed my left braid.

I never wear braids, or pigtails, but this night I had. My sister was visiting and I asked her to braid my hair before she left to go out for the night.

I've had my hair pulled before, but never like this. This was a grown women throwing every ounce of strength into pulling my hair. I was crying, it hurt so bad. I was openly sobbing and screaming at her husband to wake up.

He did, and started yelling at us for making too much noise. I screamed again that she was puling my hair, so, to stop her, he started pulling on HER. So then I had the strength of TWO people pulling on my braid.

After he got her off of me, I quickly got my sandals on and found my hat that had fallen to the floor.

After throwing the vacuum at the wall, she ran into the kitchen, which is where their door is. I ran after her, because I remembered the neighbors requesting she stay inside. I started telling her to get away from the door, to stay inside, to go to bed.

She was between me and the door, and between us was the knife block.

She grabbed the largest knife, and holding it in a death grip, came at me. She was still screaming and moaning and crying. The look in her eyes was crazed and maniacal. This was not my friend.

By now I had sobered up, and had that on my side. I was able to dodge her and make my way to the front door, where I briefly fumbled with the deadbolt, opened it, and screamed at the top of my lungs "HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME SHE HAS A KNIFE SHE HAS A KNIFE HELP ME!!"
I couldn't tell if anyone was still outside, but I prayed they were.

I was able to knock the knife to the ground, and I stood on the blade. She fell to the floor and kept trying to pick up the knife. Her husband ran into the room and started screaming at me for calling for help. He picked up the knife and threw it into the sink, opened the door wide and screamed at me to leave.

I asked if I could get my bag and jacket, which were in another room. He said yes, and to get the hell out of his house. He was holding her back, I ran into the other room, grabbed my bag, and ran down the stairs as fast as I could. I heard the door slam behind me. I could still hear her yelling inside. Moaning, sobbing.

As I ran into the front yard, I saw the downstairs neighbor on her cell phone, and I heard her describing the scene to 911 dispatch. At this point I realized I was sobbing. I ran up to her and the guy standing next to her (i cant remember if he was a son, a friend or her husband...) I told them I had been bit, and my hair had been pulled. I told them about the knife. They asked what size of a knife and I told them a large kitchen knife. The guy immediately asked whether I knew if they owned a gun or not. I told him I wasn't certain but I didn't think so. The lady neighbor stayed on the phone with dispatch until they told her that the cops were on their way.

I noted the time at 3am, right after I got downstairs. I had managed to get my cell phone out of my bag, because I knew I would have to call someone, I just didn't know who.

I called my brother, even though I knew he would be asleep. I knew that he would be the one most likely to answer his phone. He had known where I was going and who I would be with. He sounded groggy at first, but after hearing me sobbing into the phone, he woke up pretty fast. With help from the neighbors I told him the exact address I was at, and that the cops were on their way.

We could still hear her sobbing and moaning even though we were outside and downstairs.

While still on the phone with dispatch, The husband came downstairs and ran in the direction of his car. We could tell from how he moved that he was in no shape to drive. Then, his wife threw their fire extinguisher outside. It landed with a thud in the grass down below.

At one point I realized I was babbling to the neighbors. Then to the cops when they came.

I had decided early on that I did NOT want to press charges. I even told that to the neighbor when she was on the phone with dispatch and she repeated it to them. My reasoning was that there was enough mess already, and besides being scared more than I could ever remember being scared, I was okay.

True, my arm and hand hurt from where she had bit me, and my head was throbbing from having my hair pulled so hard and so long, but I was okay.

Hell, I had had someone run at me full force with a chef's knife, and not only managed to get away, I had been able to get the knife away too.

I wasn't bleeding. I saw no point to press charges.

After talking with the husband, and going into the apartment to find his wife (he gave the cops his keys) and I guess more or less trying to talk with her, the cops interviewed me. I signed some paperwork waiving my right to press charges, gave them my license number and phone number, and I was free to go.

By now, my mom and brother had arrived. I hadn't known at the time, but my mom hadn't gone to bed yet, so while still on the phone with me, my brother went and got her. They came in her car, with her driving because she was more awake and had a better since of direction.

I crawled into the backseat and started sobbing all over again. I wasn't even crying, just dry sobs were all that could come out. When we got home my mom undid my braids, and ran her fingers through my hair. quite a bit came out from the side that had been pulled. She helped me wash my hand and arm, and got some ice packs for me. We then went into another room where we could sit and talk. She wanted to make sure I was calm before going to bed. She kept trying to divert my attention to another topic, but I kept going back to the same one.

I was finally able to go to bed around 5am. My sister and brother in law were visiting and staying in my room, I was sleeping in the guest room on an air mattress. I hadn't packed any pajama's in my overnight bag, so my mom lent me some of hers since I couldn't get in my room for my own.

I woke up at 7, with a nasty headache that was ONLY on the side of my head where I had been punched, and my throat was parched. I got up and had a large glass of water, and decided to go back to bed for a few more hours. My entire body ached, especially the back of my head and my arm and hand.

I woke again not even an hour later. This time with the chills. The guest room has a tendency to be a bit chilly, and I didn't have any socks and was only wearing a short sleeve shirt and Capri pj pants. I heard my sister in the hallway, so I called for her to go get our mom. I was too cold to get out of bed. Plus, my head was throbbing.

Now I was realizing I was hungover on top of everything else.

Mom came and brought me a pair of socks and another blanket, which I wrapped up in and decided that there was no way I could go back to sleep. When I sat up I noticed that I had shed more hair than I usual over night. I went out and sat on the couch with my dad, and watched some TV. I was able to get a cup of hot tea, and a piece of bread. (that's what I requested. I knew I needed something in my stomach)

After taking some aspirin and spending some time in the bathroom, I wasn't feeling hung over anymore. I just felt like I had been in a fight, and well, I guess I more or less had.

Sorry, this didn't turn out to be short. I more or less gave the whole tale.

I haven't spoken with either of them, nor do I really intend to. I received a text message from her yesterday saying that her husband told her what had happened and that she was sorry and understood if I hated her.

Hate does nothing to describe how I feel.

I do no hate her or her husband.


These were two of my GOOD FRIENDS. Both of them were. I was in their wedding. I was the maid of honor.

I feel victimized, and feel as though I am in a state of mourning.

I regret saying I didn't want to press charges, only because you can always drop them later, but you can't take back a waiver. I honestly don't know what happened after I left. I'm not sure I even care right now.


  1. Wow, I knew the story but not all the details, that is the worse start to a new year I can imagine, I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry it happened.

  2. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  3. Two things: 1) the year can only get better from here and 2) human bites are dangerous. if it shows any sign of infection, you should have it seen to ASAP.

  4. Mary- I've been told both of those things, and I'm taking the first one to heart. The second one, well, I've been washing them both every time I'm in a bathroom or kitchen, and both have improved greatly. The one on my arm, looked far worse because the skin was chafed, and that one concerned everyone. Its faded a lot, and the one on my hand, I can FEEL it a lot more than I can see it.

  5. Good lord! I am so sorry this happened - sounds like maybe the young lady needs a psychiatric evaluation, not to mention rehab. Because there's drunk, and then there's bitch-ass crazy and drunk.
    *hugs* So sorry, darlin.

  6. OMG! How horrible. You thought a lot clearer than I would've in a situation like that. Thank goodness you're not in any worse shape than you are. I'd never allow myself to be alone with this couple again, drunk or sober. Scary shit! HUGS.

  7. Speechless, the shear insanity of the events that took place and no one was hurt is a miracle.

  8. That's just terrible! I'm so sorry to hear about this.


  9. Oh how AWFUL! I'm so sorry this happened but glad you're not hurt worse than you were. :( She sounds like someone who should never take a drink!

  10. shoulda curbstomped her..
    Type curbstomp into'll find out about it through a video game called Gears of War.