Sunday, January 18, 2009

guess I have a lot on my mind

because here it is, 5:14 am and I'm still awake.


Well, considering I didn't fall asleep until almost 7am yesterday, and I did sleep until about 2:30pm today, thats really not all that surprising.

However, my alarm is set to go off at 7am, and I'm scheduled in at work at 10.

have I said crap, yet?

yes, I did.

I decided about two (?) hours ago that if I was still awake at 5:30 i'd get up and take a shower, which, really, should have been taken hours ago.

A nice, long shower, get in a good shave, all that, except... that'll knock me out.

I know this because my body is tired. my muscles are sore and achey and i don't have much energy...

but my damn brain won't slow down.

I have a lot on it. Plans and opportunities that have arisen and changed and morphed and been reborn.

cryptic, again, I know. I can't give details out yet, because well, even though mentally I have plans going full swing, I still have to cross check everything and change a few things.

oh. and the fact that i'm broke broke broke.

Oh, and somehow in the past hour, I've started a lovely sounding hacky cough, and the thought of calling out is seeming more and more appealing, though, i KNOW i'm not sick. I'll jsut sleep away the shift, which... my sleep schedule is fucked, but I'm not calling out of work so I can sleep.

I'm yawning like crazy now, but my mind: zoom zooom zoooooooooom, there it goes along.

damn this. 5:20.

okay, shower time. get in a nice shave, cause the only pants I have clean are my capri's. It'll be a bit cool for capri's, but I'll be inside all day, and I can always wear long sleeves, so i'm not too concerned.

so. I'll take the damn shower, then reset the alarm for 9, pray I can crash out, get up at 9 toss the pants in the dryer, cause they're whoa wrinkled, and right now I hate my iron and besides if I sleep til 9, thatll cut too close my ironing time. I won;t have the chance to style my hair like I hoped, but i'll be able to make it look decent, and makeup shouldnt be too big of an issue, I can either go without, (i'd rather not, I was hoping to have a cute day) or just do my usual staple of powder, lipstick, and mascara. I'll eat an orange, have a few cups of coffee, toss a yogurt in my purse and leave the house around 940.

damn. today is gonna suck.