Sunday, January 25, 2009

A dream, dreamt.

[17:14] Clairesey83: I had a dream that I smoked your pot
[17:15] Aunty missi: ok...
[17:15] Aunty missi: I don't have any pot
[17:15] Clairesey83: yea, it was an odd dream
[17:15] Aunty missi: sounds like it
[17:15] Clairesey83: actually, it was your sisters pot, that you bought for her
[17:15] Clairesey83: so then I owed your sister money
[17:15] Clairesey83: and man, she was a bitch
[17:16] Clairesey83: but then, I probably would have been too if someone had smoked my pot
[17:16] Aunty missi: lol, which sister
[17:16] Clairesey83: I don't know
[17:16] Clairesey83: oh, and i'm fairly certain the apartment we were in was somewhere in Florida
[17:16] Clairesey83: and I woke up in your bed, your minnesota bed
[17:17] Aunty missi: hahaha
[17:17] Clairesey83: and got up and sat down at the desk, found a bag of pot and started sorting through the seeds and sticks and packed a bowl and saved some for later
[17:18] Clairesey83: and some guy was like "i'm not sure you should be doing that"
[17:18] Clairesey83: oh, i think there was a party... lots of long haired guys with no shirts on
[17:18] Clairesey83: but like i said, we were in florida, and thats actually pretty common...
[17:19] Clairesey83: we had terazzo floors
[17:19] Clairesey83: well, the guys w/o a shirt is fairly common
[17:20] Aunty missi: you are strange indeed
[17:20] Clairesey83: but you love me anyway, right?
[17:20] Aunty missi: yeah

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  1. Yeah, that sounds like Missy alright. He, he. Your dream at least made sense, like it could actually happen. My dreams are always so out there, it's almost like Sci-Fi. lol. Hugs.